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Topics: Family, Caregiver, Geriatrics Pages: 4 (1399 words) Published: January 5, 2013
3.1 TMA 01 Part A

Throughout this essay I look at the different aspects of the disadvantages and advantages of at home caring. First of all I'm going to look at the disadvantages using in particular reference the case studies we've just looked at over the past few weeks, using Ann's experiences to pin points the pro's & con's of the decisions she's had to make. Overall thinking about the bigger picture and how they disadvantages balance out the advantages.

In some of our first text (The Open University. 1.2, page 16) it explains who is defined as a carer 'someone who looks after a friend, relative or neighbour who needs support because of their sickness, age or disability.' Ann struggles to define her duties as a daughter and those of a carer. I have learnt that there is a fine line but overall evaluating the time & extremities of duties such as personal services, physical labour, administering medicines on a regular bases and keeping someone company are what define you as a carer.

During Ann's interview she talks about how upset she was about leaving her job, This not only set her up for a financial loss but over time isolated her. Without anybody else to interact with other than her step father, Ann was in denial about her living situation & the level of care she was giving. Quite often people don't see how much their doing when theres nobody there to point it out. This evidentially meant Ann would receive no real support until she was at "breaking point". In the first stages of caring Ann was new to her role, so she didn't feel the emotional stress quite as much a someone who had been caring for a long time, Sure enough as time goes on and Angus's problems get worse the strain of the situation starts to develop in lots of different ways.

Without friends to help, Ann doesn't realise the level of care she is giving & doesn't see a need to seek support. This show's in Ann's brief conversation with Cheryl. (The Open University. Unit...

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