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Differences and Inequalities on a Street That I Know

Looking at City Road and the street I know, it is clear that in society wherever you go, difference and inequality will always remain because of choices and constraints. Society is made and remade through the two way relationship between the individual and the society (Allen and Blakely, 2014, p. 52). Changes and continuities are part of the way that some individuals can change with the times and bring the changes that will benefit them, whilst some individuals are less fortunate and can not afford the changes, or it could be because because of age, race or a have a disability where constraints get in the way. Either way, looking at society today there are many different groups with difference and inequality, there will always be winners and losers because of the way society is made. I have written a few examples of this in my essay to explain what I have learned from TMA01 and TMA02 and what links can be made from City Road and the street that I know, New Road.

The street that I know has difference and inequalities, it is different to City Road because New Road is not in a city or town, it is in a small village. There are still many links to City Road because the smaller trader has been forced out by the larger supermarket chain, much like Colin Buttwell’s newsagents on City Road. There was once a wide variety of shops in New Road such as a green grocer, florist, butchers and a wool shop but they have since been forced to close down and have been replaced by hair and beauty salons, a new modern cafe and lots of different types of takeaways because of the constraints of the larger supermarket chains.

There is one business that has not changed with the times on New Road, Cresci’s cafe, it is where the older groups and more disadvantaged groups of people from Skewen go because they feel that they fit in better there, John Cresci has kept his cafe the same for the older generation of his community and...

References: Allen, J and Blakely, G (2014) Chapter 2: Making lives, Understanding Social Lives, Milton Keynes, The Open University
The Open University (2014) ‘Changes and challenges on the street’ [Video], DD102 Introducing the social sciences. Available at§ion=2.1 (accessed 16 November 2014).
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