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TMA 01
In keeping with The British Educational Research Association (BERA, 2011) all names have been changed to maintain confidentiality. 1 My role
In my role I work 25 hours a week as a teaching assistant (TA) in a two form entry primary school, I am shared between the Nursery class where we have 49 children aged between 3 and 4, and Reception, where there are 2 classes and a total of 46 children between ages 4 and 5. I can be taken out of either classes due to absences and placed in any class with children up to 11 years old. My roles between the years are completely different. When I work with the nursery there are 4 of us, the teacher and 3 TA’s we work as a team, we welcome the children into the classroom at 8.55am encouraging the children to leave their parent and sit down on the carpet area. Whoever is not on the carpet with the children will then speak with parents about any concerns, and wait for latecomers. I will prepare snacks for the children, while the teacher takes the register and performs a 20 minute organised activity. I will set up outdoor activities with bikes and assault courses, go karts etc depending what we have decided in the previous days planning. I prepare the main indoor activity that is planned, this can be anything from painting, colouring, work in children’s books, baking or cooking. I have 13 children in my own key worker group that I spend time with daily, we might do phonics exercises or talk about any news we may have or even brush our teeth. Our school is currently utilising the Orbit early years application, where we use Ipads to take photographs, observations and track the childrens progress throughout early years. I ensure that I use this daily. It is an excellent tool for parents, giving them an insight of their child’s day. My role in Nursery changes throughout the day, I am one of the school paediatric first aiders so can be taken away from the nursery at any time, to deal with accidents. I compare my role with how Sheila McKnight describes hers, (Primary Teaching Assistants Learners and learning, chapter 1 pg 5). I have a caring nature, the children as well as parents are comfortable to speak with me, the way that I feel is not dis-similar to the way that Jean felt in the DVD “the children are relaxed with me” (E111 DVD sequence 2 Jean). When I am in the Reception class my role is more of a classroom assistant as described by Keith Eddyshaw in (Primary Teaching Assistants Learners and learning, chapter 1 pg 9) I see the children in, first thing in the morning and stay on the main entrance until all the children have arrived, I then sit alongside the teacher during registration and a short carpet activity. I am given an activity by the teacher which involves reading with groups of children that have been put together based on individual ability. I do activities with the groups such as numeracy or literacy, blending, segmenting or doing an activity inside the classroom to support the teacher however, many of these activities are performed outside the classroom, in the corridor and are with a small group of children or one to one. I am involved in activities outside of the classes such as after school clubs, I help organise disco’s and cinema nights and arrange fundraising activities. I have 3 children 2 of which attend the school I work at and I am very involved with the school as I also attended it myself, it is a big part of our local community. 2 Previous interests and experiences

My previous employment roles have been different from my current position I started work when I was 16 as an account assistant at a chemical company, I remained there for 12 years until I had my first child. My role changed and at 24 I was the production manager supervising 12 members of staff ensuring orders were produced and despatched on time as well as organising the site and ensuring its smooth running. Dealing with 12 adults who were all male was demanding...

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