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TMA 01

Question 1.
A: I read through the piece thoroughly first, the second time I read and scan key points and write them in the margins of the book. My next step is to write a few blocks using the notes previously mentioned on an A4. I have folders headed with block numbers on them in which I place the notes from each section for review later.

B: Online Reputation – source-
What is online rep?
* The way you are portrayed online by others from web searches i.e. Google, Bing etc. Monitoring.
* Done using tools like Google alerts, Technorati (mainly for blogs) and monitorthis (a tool that will send reports to you in a readable format). Control.
* Start your own blog.
* Use social media sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, YouTube etc. * Use Hyperlinks from your blog to your social media site. * Answer bad critique with positive responses.
* Try and interconnect with other users of the same background or interests. Internet Meanies – source -
What are they?
* Other online users that bully or abuse from home.
* They tend to use pseudonyms or secondary user names.
* Meanies are denoted in the article as being ‘small’ or ‘weak’.

* Remember they cannot generally hurt you, it’s just words! * Step away from your keyboard, responses made in haste can be regretted later. * Ignore bad critique; bullies tend to get bored when no one is ‘playing’. * Don’t type in CAPS as this is perceived as shouting.

* Use negative critique to learn from your own mistakes.
Question 2A.
i: Online Reputation and dealing with Cyber Bullies.
Original references for this piece are from (‘Managing Your reputation Online’ and ‘Geek to Live: How to deal with Internet Meanies’). Your online reputation is how you are portrayed and perceived when your personal details are searched via a web browser such as Google, Bing or Dogpile. The results can reflect well or be...
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