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Ethical Statement
In accordance with the ethical guidance (The Open University 2013) I have followed the BERA guidelines including changing any names. My Role
I am a parent volunteer in a Church of England primary and nursery school. I am currently supporting the mixed year 1 and 2 classes. I work on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 8.45 -12 pm. I have a variety of different supporting roles within the classroom not just with the helping the teachers but also the pupils, school and curriculum. I feel like my life has followed a very similar pattern to that of Louise Dix in that ‘’when my children went to school I started going on school trips’ and ‘it inspired me to do more. I just love working with children’ (Hancock & Colloby, 2013, p9) I mainly work with small groups 4/5 children and as I am there in the mornings this is when the children have literacy, math’s and phonics. My main role within the classroom is supporting the teachers in any way they require. There are two classes each with thirty children with a very wide range of academic ability. I tend to work with the less able children therefore enabling the teachers to monitor the rest of the classroom. I carry out many other tasks to assist in the classroom. Having read chapter 1 Ten titles and roles (Hancock & Colloby, 2013, p3-p12) I could relate too many of the different roles. In the discussion and conclusion where eight main categories were mentioned I noted that I carry out four of the eight. Clerical and administrative duties – I photocopy, file and also mark the children’s math’s books. Health and safety – I over see the children having their snack and I also assist in the playground. Curriculum and learning support is one of the main tasks for me as I help with literacy, maths and phonics KU1.4. Finally servicing – I tidy up the classroom and set it up ready for the next lesson. I help to apply learning goals and objectives and then discuss with the teacher the progress of the children and where any extra help will be needed.PPS4.3 The pupils are the reason I volunteer as I mentioned before like Louise Dix ‘I just love working with children” (Hancock & Colloby, 2013, p9). There is no better feeling that helping a child to learn. My role with the pupils is simple and that is to support. I am that extra person to call upon for help. I like to think of myself as being like Caroline in chapter 8 (Jennifer Colloby, 2013, p56) that I am ‘compassionate and fiercely loyal to the children. She has commitment, patience and determination’. As I support the children who struggle with their literacy and math’s I have to have a lot of patience and try to encourage them as much as I can to reach their lesson goals and objectives. I listen to the children’s concerns and if I need to I pass them to the teacher, I give reassurance and praise.KU1.1 I actively support the school as my son attends the nursery I accompany the staff and pupils on any visits and trips, I attend events such as coffee mornings to raise funds for the school. I supervise the children in the classroom and also in the playground. I comply with all the school policies and procedures relating to child protection, confidentiality, health and safety and data protection. I attend any meetings and training which are relevant to my role. The curriculum is a very important part of everyday school life and there are various ways within my role that I am able to support it. I help the pupils to meet and understand any instructions and objectives they have been given. I prepare resources and worksheets for the children to use and I also help to maintain the equipment that they have available. KU1.4 I used to work in a building society which may seem like it is completely irrelevant from my role in school but I have found the skills and experience I learned in that job have helped me. In the building society like in school you have to treat all people fairly and not discriminate and confidentiality...
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