Topics: Television, Target market, Microsoft Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: October 15, 2012
The case analysis of the TIVO

Question 1:
Analyze the situation from the consumer’s standpoint. What is TIVO? What factors facilitate adoption? Who is TIVO best suited for? From the customer’s standpoint:
(1)TIVO was a solution to help you to decide what and when you want to watch on the TV, it make the customer watch TV more convenient and effective because it have several new functions like pausing, fast forwarding and replaying, flexible recording services that customers have never experienced before. (2) The factor that facilitates adoption most is TIVO opened a new branch for the TV industry, it is the Personal Television Industry. when consumer become the user they can watch anything they want anytime, people do not need to check the TV timetable anymore so they mostly recognize the advantages of TIVO. 72% of owners explained that TIVO made their TV viewing “a lot more enjoyable”, also 90% would recommend TIVO to their family and friends. (3) Actually TIVO is made for the whole people who watch TV in US. People who want to watch TV but the time is limited should be the target market, because TIVO is a kind of technical innovation, the men in the age of 24 to 45 are more likely adopt the technical innovations than women, so they are the biggest target audience group for TIVO. the old people will be out of the target, because most of them can not adopt the technical innovation.

Question 2: Now adopt the standpoint of the networks, the adverstisers, and the cable/satellite companies: what do they want TIVO to be? Thinking about the competition: what are Microsoft’s potential strengths and weaknesses in this market? (1)They just want TIVO to be an information and data provider (2) The strength of Microsoft is it already have a product named WebTV and proved it to one million customers, it is much more bigger than TIVO, most of the customers of Microsoft were young people ,they can study very fast of this technique and introduce it to people around...
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