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Topics: Ethics, Internet / Pages: 4 (893 words) / Published: Apr 8th, 2014
Code of Ethics Case Study

Jenni is the Human Resource Manager at a small toy-manufacturing firm. Among her other duties, she is responsible for providing a new employee orientation for each new hire. Part of the orientation program deals with explaining the company’s Code of Ethics. The company is small and resources are tight, so the Code of Ethics asks employees to refrain from using company time or equipment for personal reasons. Jenni often has to work late and on weekends to keep up with her work. She has two school age children who she calls from work each afternoon, so she can make sure they arrived home safely.

Sam, a new employee went to his boss, Jane, to ask for clarification on the Internet policy. Sam wanted to use his office computer on his break to look up information for his son’s school project, but Jenni had told him at orientation that Internet usage was restricted to business purposes. Barb told Sam it was fine to use the Internet on his break because everyone else did. Sam used the Internet on his breaks for the next 10 days to help his son.

Katie has been an employee for ten years. She started at the company before there was a code of ethics and didn’t receive training. Katie teaches a Sunday school class at her church and frequently takes paper, pens, and other basic office supplies to use in her class. Katie knows her company donates to local charities. She considers this use of supplies a donation from her company and didn’t even consider asking for permission for such a small amount of supplies.

Dave looks up porn on the Internet during his breaks. He missed his orientation due to illness. Jenni said she would reschedule it, but she has forgotten. He is too busy to remind her since he just landed a major department store chain that will assure that his division makes their goal for the year.

Jean has been an exceptional employee for the past 10 years. The company is too small to offer her many

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