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Instructions for the Preparation of Project Report

All BBA & BBA (B&I), 3rd year students are required to submit a Major Project Report as part of fulfillment of their respective course. The purpose of including project report in the bachelor program is to provide the student an opportunity to study a problem applying management concepts in a scientific manner. It enables a student to apply conceptual knowledge in a practical situation and to learn the art of conducting a study in a systematic way and presenting its findings in a coherent report.

Students are required to follow the below mentioned pattern in preparing the project:


The project may be from any of the following types but only from your area of specialization *:

a) Each student must do the project individually on separate topic (No two projects must be same). b) Research topic must be from the area of specialization opted. c) Method of data collection would be survey method. d) Source of data can be primary as well as secondary.


The format that the students should follow while submitting the project report is as follows:

a) Title Page. (Format attached).
b) Company Visit Certificate, from where the student did project. (Format attached) If Applicable c) Supervisor/ Internal Guide certificate. (Format attached) d) Acknowledgment

e) Index of contents with page numbers.


Chapter1: Introduction (Industrial Background)

(* It is mandatory that the project content, title, data and conclusion pertain strictly to the field of specialization. Students should be very careful in ensuring that there is no conflict in terms of the specialisation for which they are writing the project report. Guidance should be taken from the Faculty Guide to ensure alignment)

Chapter2:Introduction to the Problem

• Title of the project.
• Statement of the problem
• Purpose of the study
• Objective of the study.
• Scope the study

Chapter3:Profile of the Company.

Chapter4:Review of Literature.


• Data collection methods / sources
• Sampling plan

Chapter6:Data Analysis and Interpretations (using various charts and graphs).



Chapter9:Conclusions and Recommendations.

• Copies of forms / Questionnaires used
• Bibliography and References (sample attached)


a) Project should be printed or typed on A4 size white bond paper using one side of the page. b) The pages should be numbered consecutively and page number should be typed at the bottom centre of the page. c) THREE COPIES(03) of Project should be made in Blue Coloured-Spiral-Bound d) The total Number of pages of the project report should be minimum of 75. • Font style – Times New Roman

• Font Size for running matter – 12 • Font size for Heading – 16
• Font Size for Sub-heading / Paragraph – 14 • Line Spacing – 1.5
• Margins at the binding left hand side should be not less than 30 mm. • Top, Bottom and side margins should be not less than 15 mm.

(** Old projects of senior batches are available in the library to see as sample and format in case of any doubt)

e) Students are guided to take constant guidance from their respective guide to submit the final project on time. f) Separate sheet should be used in between the Chapters containing Title and Chapter No.


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