Title: Sabah Multiple Class Project Phase Ii: Project Evaluation Report

Topics: School, Education, Primary education Pages: 71 (16144 words) Published: June 21, 2013


Author: Hamzah Mohamad Daud, Raman Santhiram

Year: 1988

Title: Sabah multiple class project Phase II: project evaluation report

Reference Type: Report

Institution: Education Department, Sabah

Date: Oct 1989 - Mar 1988

Abstract by CB: This report is an evaluation of the Sabah Multiple Class Teaching Project II (October, 1986-March, 1988). The project focused on improving the educational climate in multiple-class schools, following on from Phase I of the project. Although these schools are not defined, they appear to be schools in which by virtue of their size there are multigrade classes. Improving the educational climate was seen as a function of not only teachers and educational administrators, but also of the society at large. To this end, an attempt was made to mobilise teachers, the local community, and extension agencies. The report both evaluates the project and makes recommendations as to how it could be improved. The evaluation of project outcomes is based on surveys conducted in eighteen schools. The authors of the report found that the project had been reasonably successful in introducing participating schools to new instructional approaches, but less successful at involving the community, or in disseminating project ideas to non-participating schools.

In the appendices, there is a very clear outline of three different instructional strategies suggested by the project for multiple class schools. These were splitting the grades, with one grade doing seatwork while the other was taught as a class, lessons based on graded worksheets to be worked through at the students' own level, and an approach based on ability grouping across grade groups. These approaches have potential value in other multigrade classroom situations. [pic]

Author: Harbison R, Hanushek Eric A

Year: 1992

Title: Educational performance of the poor: lessons from rural northeast Brazil

Reference Type: Book

Publisher: OUP for the World Bank

City: Oxford

Abstract by AL: References to multigrade teaching occur only in passing. They see multigrade as a way of increasing efficiency through class size increases, which seem to have no effect on achievement (p.202). Furthermore, their data on various grouping practices in schools in rural northeast Brazil (p.103) lead them to conclude that segregating by achievement level has no systematic effect on teaching and learning.


Author: Hargreaves, Eleanore

Year: 2001

Title: Assessment for learning in the multigrade classroom

Reference type: Journal article

Journal: International Journal of Educational Development

Volume: 21, 6

Page number: 553-560

Abstract by EH: This paper suggests that multigrade classrooms lend themselves particularly well to promoting assessment that enhances learning, rather than assessment aimed solely at selecting pupils for promotion to the next grade. Some strategies to encourage assessment for learning in the multigrade classroom are explored. These include facilitating individual responsibility for learning, drawing on other children as an assessment resource and using assessment tasks that have learning potential. For such strategies to be used, teachers need training, guidance and exemplification relating to the formative purposes of assessment and criterion and pupil referenced assessment.


Author: Hargreaves, E.; Montero, C.; Chau, N.; Sibli, M.; Thanh, T.

Year: 2001

Title: Multigrade Teaching in Peru, Sri Lanka and Vietnam: an overview.

Reference type: Journal article

Journal: International Journal of Educational Development

Volume: 21, 6

Page number: 499-520

Abstract by EH: This paper comprises reviews of multigrade teaching in three countries: Peru, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. For each country, we describe the context for multigrade teaching, the country's education system, the place of multigrade teaching within the system,...
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