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Topics: Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Child Pages: 6 (1128 words) Published: January 3, 2013
I-Turo: an Electronic Learning Tutorial Software for Childhood Cognitive Development and Guidance for pre-school learners based on Philippine Context through the use of Team Player Multi-pointing Technology

Faculty of Engineering
Information and Computer Studies Department
University of Santo Tomas
España, Manila

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements
for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Capulong, Jesscille R.
Raymundo, Justin Philip B.
Salamat, Shiela Jane R.
Yu, Kevin Andrei M.

October 2011


XIRUKI group of developers would like to thank both Siena College and the Department of Education (DepEd) for their willingness to support and cooperate with the team on the guidance and the development of I-Turo.

The team would also like to further acknowledge the help of Mrs. Precy Ricafort, a preschool teacher from Siena College, for her unending support for the team. Through the team's coordination with her and her colleagues in Siena College, the team has managed to acquire proper knowledge on child education and has learned great amount of facts regarding the principles on child behavioral approaches.

As the team progressed on gaining more contacts on the field of Child Psychology, the team would like to thank Ms. Josie Paragas, Ms. Barbie del Mundo, and Ms. Ria Bueneventura. They were the two preschool teachers and the guidance counselor whom the team had first interviewed in the qualitative data gathering processes.

In line with I-Turo's main field of study, the team would also like to give due credits to Mrs. Elizabeth Raymundo, a supervising news editor from the Philippine Broadcasting Service, for her help in coordinating interviews with the Department of Education (DepEd). With her help, the team has managed to set three different interviews in the Department on a single day.

The team would like to thank Mrs. Angelita Esdicul (Director III of the OIC-office of the Director IV in DepEd's Bureau of Elementary Education), Mr. Albert Erni (a System Administrator in DepEd's Bureau of Secondary Education), and Ms. Marilou Pandiño (Education Program Specialist II in DepEd's Bureau of Elementary Education) for the information they provided us on DepEd's programs and the issues on using E-Learning as an alternative medium for basic education here in the Philippines and as well as the opinions they gave on our proposed E-Learning software.

Lastly, three professors from the team's very own department in the University of Santo Tomas-Faculty of Engineering-Information and Computer Studies Department: Mr. Raul Ponay (the team's thesis adviser), Mr. Domingo Tanael (a professor from the Information Technology Department), and Mr. Raymond Sedilla (a professor from the Computer Studies Department) for their go signal on the pursuit of our proposed E-Learning software 'I-Turo'.


Acknowledgement ii


1.Introduction 1

Project Context 3

Purpose and Description 6

Objectives 19

Scope and Limitations 22

2.Review of Related Literature/Systems 24

3.Technical Background 92

4.Methodology, Results, and Discussion 97

5. Requirements Analysis 108

6.Requirements Documentation 111

Design of Software, Systems, Product 111
and/or Processes

7.Development and Testing 117

8.Description of the Prototype 145

Implementation Plan 145

Implementation Results 147

9.Recommendations 148

List of FiguresPage
Figure 1: Sample computer mouse proposal p.15
without the hub (actual size and design may change). Figure 2: 1 child, 1 computer, 1 tutor, and 2 micep.16

Figure 3: 2...
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