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Topics: Gender, Title IX, Gender equality Pages: 6 (2261 words) Published: January 29, 2014

Sports for all Everyone has had the feeling of being excluded from a group, and it’s a dreadful feeling to be excluded for any reason, especially one such as gender. Only 40 years ago, women had many restrictions and were not allowed the same opportunities as men. Women were not allowed to participate in any sports; they were considered unladylike and were meant to be only for boys. Any type of physical activity that was allowed in school was noncompetitive and informal. Girls were permitted to cheerlead and square dance while men played sports. Title IX guaranteed all women equal access to sports, which was only a small part of the doctrine, but remains the most recognizable. Title IX has had one of the biggest impacts on women’s civil rights, because it opened up doors for women that they never dreamed of .Title IX has led to higher participation in women’s sports, great women athletes and the same benefits for women as men. Title IX is a law that requires gender equality in federal funded programs for sports, and has provided an equal opportunity for women to succeed as men have and it should be continued. Title IX is one of the most important civil rights to women and was created because of the gender inequality and the lack of benefits for women. It states that “no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education programs or activity receiving federal financial assistance ..." (Title 20 U.S.C. Sections 1681-1688). Many women have fought for gender equality, especially in sports. Title IX was started because the gender discrimination of women was everywhere from the workplace to schools. Women were always placed below men and were told what was to be expected of them as women. The pressure for women to behave as expected was overwhelming, but still women fought for equal rights. Before Title IX, women weren’t allowed the chance to play sports, along with being denied many other opportunities. They didn’t provide sports scholarships or any other academic scholarships for women until this law was passed. This has made the way for inspirational women athletes like Mia Hamm, Bonnie Blair, Serena Williams and many more. Without this law, girls would still only be allowed to square dance and throw pom poms around in school. Title IX has presented women with many more opportunities and benefits than before, and continues to provide women with equal opportunities. The benefits of Title IX goes beyond just allowing women to play sports. Before 1972 women weren’t allowed the same benefits as men in sports and were discouraged to play sports. Women who wanted to play sports would create their own sports group; however they would be ridiculed and put down. If women were to have a sports team they would have to make their own uniforms or wear their gym clothes. Title IX required schools to finance women with the same benefits as men such as uniforms, busses, and sport equipment. Keeping Title IX strong is important so girls never have experience gender inequality in the way previous generations have. The simple benefit of just having uniforms, busses and equipment go a long way in helping girls succeed. These are all important benefits that we should maintain, getting rid of Title IX means getting rid of these benefits for women. Title IX gives women and girls the tools to go above and beyond in sports, and a chance to become a professional in sports. Many women have accomplished and have gone beyond the standards of an average athlete, and they continue to push the limits every day. Title IX gives women a chance to higher their education through sports scholarships. Sports scholarships for women is more than improving their game but also getting a higher education, sports can lead to many more opportunities in life. The Benefits of playing...
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