Topics: Gender, Sex, Male Pages: 4 (1083 words) Published: October 22, 2013
To: Dr. Lorenzen, Mr. Frederick, Mr. Reed

From: Jason Aizenman

Date: July 8, 2013

RE: Title IX Implications

A Title IX-based decision to specifically eliminate a wrestling program cannot be based on a perceived decreased popularity of the sport among male teens. In fact, from 1981-2001, the number of high school wrestling teams had grown by 10% (Stanford Business Case: SPM-14, 2004). It is clearly a decision based on gender-ratio equality. According to the National Wrestling Coaching Associating, 378 two-year and four-year colleges have discontinued male programs since Title IX’s first year of existence in 1972 (Stanford). Under Title IX, the male/female ratio of athletes at an institution must be proportionate to the male/female ratio of undergraduate enrollment (Stanford). Many male non-revenue sports, Marquette wrestling for instance, were eliminated in order for universities to meet the requirements of Title IX. This unfortunate outcome is highly reminiscent of some of women’s athletic-related shortcomings and underrepresentation pre-Title IX. The United States Department of Education should therefore adjust the compliance parameters associated with Title IX objectives. For instance, football is a male sport requiring a relatively large roster and dedicated significant budget, potentially severely skewing Title IX objectives. As such, football should theoretically be exempt from all Title IX calculations.

Although the 1972 enacted regulation had an excellent objective in mind, namely to increase representation in women athletics, the law has raised several question marks over the years. Indeed, Jim Schmitz, former head coach of Marquette University’s men’s wrestling program stated, “…I don’t think dropping wrestling at Marquette is going to help any women anywhere (Stanford, p.1).” It does not seem reasonable for the University to first stop financing a popular and established program, and then eliminate it all together, in order to be...

References: 1. Stanford Graduate School of Business (11/17/2004). Marquette And Bucknell Wrestling Programs: Were They Pinned By Title IX? Retrieved from: https://cb.hbsp.harvard.edu/cbmp/content/20091473
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