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Mr. Dileep Agrawal, the Chairman and Managing Director of World link Communication Pvt. Ltd., is a recognized leader in Nepal’s IT industry. A graduate from Bates College in the US, he started his entrepreneurial journey in 1995, while he was a third year student at college. He has created several successful enterprises over time. He was awarded Best Young Entrepreneur by Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI) in 2004 and Best IT Entrepreneur by BOSS Magazine in 2006. A General Overview:

* Founder /Chairman/Managing Director at World Link Communications * Co-Founder /Executive Chairman at World Link Financial Services * Co-Founder at Himalayan Climate Initiative

* American University, Washington DC
* Bates College
* Western Montana College
* Clark University, MA, USA

Managing high growth companies, Incubating start-ups, Creating new ventures, corporate development and automation, Network architecture, Software design, Management information systems

* Founder/Chairman/Managing Director World Link Communications September 1995 – Present (17 years 8 months) Kathmandu, Nepal

* Co-Founder/Executive Chairman World Link Financial Services June 2005 – Present (7 years 11 months)

* Co-Founder Himalayan Climate Initiative
March 2011 – Present (2 years 2 months) Kathmandu
* Co-Founder/Executive Chairman Internet Media
January 2005 – Present (8 years 4 months)

* Trustee World Link Academy
February 2003 – Present (10 years 3 months)

* American University, Washington DC: September 1995 – December 1996 * Bates College: 1993 – 1996
* Western Montana College: 1992 – 1992
* Clark University, MA, USA: September 1991 – June 1992

New technologies, ancient history, cultural anthropology, international travel, cooking

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