Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Roaring Twenties, 1920s Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The Era of Uncertainty: the early 1920s was characterized with a great deal of uncertainty and ambivalence toward their own safety, as Wilson intended to guide America with war leadership rather than their isolationism immediately after WWI. They saw international relations as threatening to their safety; as a result of this panic, the majority adopted the ideology of romantic cynicismF. Scott Fitzgerald became pioneer of such an idea of youth. The Great Gatsby implements this with Daisy predicament in choosing between Tom or Gatsby. Her persona itself conceals her struggles and she outwardly portrays a happy personality -economic boom: the immediate effect of WWI was a substantial economic boom and all were spending extravagantly off credit; bootlegging also developed.—Gatsby’s wealth came from bootlegging and the celebratory setting with Gatsby’s parties reflect the predominant attitude of that time period. The guests described at Gatsby’s parties are shown as naïve and oblivious to the issue of overwhelming debt that accumulated from overspending. Fitzgerald’s Background: creator of an era of youthfulness in the early 1920s; coined “jazz age,” one of the first writers to draw attention to the new postwar sophistication and also introduced the phenomenon of youthful love affairs and parties -Fitzgerald was an alcoholic since he was a teenager. His alcoholism conflicted with his relationship with people. -Had financial issues due to paying for Zelda’s medical bills (Schizophrenia) and distraction from working on his novels (Hemingway had a close relationship with Fitzgerald and believed that Zelda influenced her husband to keep drinking as to distract him from working on his novels). -Fitzgerald suffered tuberculosis: no one took his conditions seriously; they focused more on his drinking habit. An example would be when Fitzgerald and his lover, Sheilah Graham, had trouble leaving the theatre because Fitzgerald was experiencing dizziness; upset, he asks Graham...
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