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Titian was born between the years 1482 and 1490, no one knows for certain what year he was born. He grew up in a small village of Pieve di Cadore in Austria. His father sent him and his brother to Venice at age 10 to become a painter. Giovanni Bellini had the greatest influence on his style, which was high Renaissance. “Homage of Fredrick Barbarossa to Pope Alexander 3” was his first work to be noticed by society. The artwork was so popular because it was started by Giovanni, but finished by Titian because Giovanni had passed away. Titian’s grandest achievements was “Assumption of the Virgin” because it was first major commission in Venice and located on the high altar in the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari.

Titian was the father of modern painting because it was unusual how he created artwork and sold them afterwards. Oil on canvas was the technique he used. He layered oil paints onto canvas creating rich and vibrant images. He used both linear and atmospheric perspective to portray depth. His figures are all very accurate and realistic because he uses mathematics and proportions. Titian uses glazing, which is thin, oily, and transparent. Glazing enhances illumination and gives off a 3-D effect. Glaze also helped preserve the paintings and prevented cracking in the future. Titians artwork during the High Renaissance appreciated humanism and celebrated the human form. Women’s bodies were beautiful, flawless, and curvaceous with pale skin. His paintings reflected the real world.

The artwork was created in the year 1538 in Florence, Italy. Titian used oil on canvas to create a wedding present for Guidobaldo 2 della Rovere’s (the Duke of Urbino) young bride. It originally was meant for a cassone, a decorated chest made for a wedding present. It became an instructive “model” for Giulia Varano, the duke’s wife. The painting would remind...
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