Titanic Persuasive Essay

Topics: RMS Titanic, Iceberg, SS Californian Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: April 27, 2013
The titanic was a ship that sank on 15th April 1912. The ship sunk due to a crash with an iceberg. It was regarded unsinkable as it was the biggest best and fastest ship of its time. I believe it was human error to blame for titanic’s sinking. The titanic sunk because of communication errors workmanship mistakes and the pride of the makers. After the sinking of the titanic shipping laws were changed. The first reason all those people died was the fault in communication this meant that the crew aboard the titanic didn’t convey messages to one another properly. The communication was lacking because messages from the ship “Californian” were about the iceberg and were ignored. Another fault in communication was that the messenger had turned off Californian’s wireless messaging which meant that when titanic was sinking they couldn’t call for help. That’s just one of the reasons why human error was the cause of titanic sinking. Another reason why it was human error was the bad workmanship. This means that the makers and designers of the titanic didn’t build it properly. The workmanship was bad because the designers of the ship wanted to make the grand staircase grander so they lowered the bulkheads. This meant that the titanic sunk because the titanic would have stayed afloat with 4 bulkheads full of water but since the bulkheads had been lowered 5 filled up with water causing the ship to sink. The workmanship was also bad because of the material of the rivets. Some of the rivets on the titanic were made out of steel, which is very strong but since it’s easier to use iron (which is weaker than steel) the workman used iron rivets on most of the ship. This iron had slag impurities so it was even weaker therefore the rivets couldn’t hold off the water pressure and let the water in. That’s why I think it was human error. The final reason why the sinking was due to human error is because the makers and crew of the titanic didn’t want to lose their pride and reputation. The...
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