Titanic: Film Summary

Topics: Leonardo DiCaprio, Hilary Swank, Film criticism Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: April 30, 2014
Film Review

 Summary of the film.
Two or three sentences are fine; you don’t need to include a lot of details. For example, you might summarize the film Titanic by saying, “This film is a classic love story set on the only voyage Titanic ever made. The young woman involved, who is played by Kate Winslet, comes from a high society family. Meanwhile, the young man, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, is poor and traveling in third class. Their relationship is intensified by the fact that the ship is sinking.”

 Your opinion of the movie.
What are its strengths and weaknesses? Provide specific examples (scenes, situations) from the film. About Titanic, you might say, “Overall, I really liked this movie. For one, I’m a die-hard romantic, so I really got involved in the story. I loved the way that the photographs at the end showed how Rose went on to do everything she and Jack had talked about together – like riding a horse in California.

Also, I thought the filming was beautiful. I really liked a lot of the shots. For example, I loved the aerial shot at the beginning that panned the whole length of the ship. It really gave you a feeling of how big the ship was! I also really liked the scene with all the china floating in the dining room. As far as weaknesses go, I didn’t like the fact that this movie gives us a distorted view of history. It was a really nice story, but it was obviously fictional.”

 Character(s) you identify with.
What character(s) do you most identify with? What are the main personality traits of this (these) characters? About Titanic, you might say, “I really identified with Jack. He’s a free spirit. He doesn’t have any money, but he’s traveled all over the world looking for adventure. Maybe he finds more adventure than he wants on Titanic, but he’s strong and true to his principles.”

 Director’s intention/message
In your opinion, what was the director’s intention or message? Of Titanic, you might say,...
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