Titanic Crew

Topics: RMS Titanic, Watercraft, Lifeboat Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: December 5, 2012
In all, the Titanic is composed of 885 crew members. It had three main assets of groups that makes up about all of the number. There was the deck crew, which was master of arms and able bodied sea workers. Then you have your engineering department that consisted of boiler men, firemen, and electricians. Finally, your least important staff, the victual ling department that was stewards and gallery staff. They needed all of these departments for the success of the Titanic`s operation. Everyone had to cooperate on this historic mile marker of a boat. The Titanic also employed 29 Able Bodied Seamen (ABS), who had gone through additional training and usually had seniority over other crew members. They carried out the day-to-day operation of the ship. Furthermore they were trained to operate the lifeboat davits and man the lifeboats themselves. Each ABS was assigned to a lifeboat and would be in charge of that boat if there was no officer present. About eight seamen were lost when they went below decks to open the E Deck gangway when they were apparently trapped below and nearly all of the others departed in the first lifeboats to be launched. As a result, the later lifeboats had a shortage of trained seamen to man them. So instead, a few stokers and even victual ling stewards (some of which had no experience with lifeboats) were ordered to man the launching and rowing of the boats. The engineering department was responsible for keeping the engines, generators, and other mechanical equipment on the Titanic running. They were the highest paid of the crew and had the education and technical expertise to operate, maintain, and repair the engineering plant. All 25 engineers as well as the 10 electricians and boilermakers were lost for most of them remained below decks in the engine and boiler rooms fighting a losing battle to keep the ship afloat by operating the pumps in the forward compartments as well as keeping the steam up in the boiler rooms and kept the...
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