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Tissot Watches
Tissot is a luxury watch company that was founded in Switzerland in 1853 by a father-son team, Charles-Felicien Tissot and Charles-Emile Tissot. Shortly after the company began, Tissot introduced the first pocket watch with two time zones. Tissot was also the first company to make watches out of plastic, stone, wood, and mother of pearl. By the 1900s, Tissot had a full line of wristwatches, and developed the first anti-magnetic watch. Before long, Tissot watches were sold in 150 countries and were becoming more and more popular. During the quartz movement, Tissot continued to thrive. The company did large amounts of research during this time and developed the first analog quartz watch that was combined with a digital display. Throughout the years, Tissot continued to be innovative and up-to-date on all the latest technology. This innovative spirit has helped them maintain popularity in the competitive world of luxury timepieces. Accomplishments of the Tissot Company

Over the years, Tissot has been an official timekeeper for many competitive sporting events such as ice hockey, cycling, and motorcycle racing. Tissot watches were first officially used in 1938 where they timed a skiing event in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. Today, Tissot collaborates with several sporting entities to develop the most accurate, up-to-date timing system. The most well-known advancement has been made in the world of competitive cycling, where sensors and computer tracking are now used for both timing and performance. In more recent years, Tissot’s technological advances have become even more impressive among the world of timepieces. The latest and most popular are watches with “T-Touch” technology. The newest of these watches is the T-Touch Classic. These touch-screen watches have a sporty style but are still casual enough to wear daily. They come with a variety of functions including two alarms, a compass, a calendar, and much more. From...
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