Tire and Winter Tires

Topics: Tire, Quality control, Automobile Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: April 15, 2009
Company Description and sales We take great pride in designing each one of our products with the goal of providing the highest accuracy tire performance possible in a lower price range compare to our competition. We strive to reproduce new stages of comfort as well as making your life as safe as possible. We only use the highest quality parts and the latest assembly and quality control techniques to ensure the reliability and long life of our products. Our reputation rests on our pursuit of this policy in winter tires for cars, trucks, and industrial size vehicles everywhere. As in Canada, we hold a remarkable 38% of the market share of winter tires which continually ensures to grow. At Craig’s winter tires co. we reinvest 100% of our earning back into the company. This enables us to support research that will continually give rise to new technologies for improving winter tires reproduction. By committing to this policy we plan on bringing our product internationally to the world so they may enjoy in the years to come. When you purchase any of our products from Craig’s winter tires, we encourage you to compare it to the competition as we always do. We believe that this process will enhance your appreciation for our product that we put so much time and effort into. With best wishes from all of us at Craig’s winter tires we thank you that you have chosen a safer path for all of us on the road.
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