Tire and Spencer

Topics: Tire, Michelin, Radial tire Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: May 7, 2009
Spencer Tire Purchase Facts of the case Spencer’s family has two cars of which one car was occasionally used. The less used car started giving trouble of shimming in steering wheel. Harpins got the car checked. Mechanic diagnosed it to be the problem of alignment, and suggested to replace the tire. He advised Spencer to buy the tires from a particular shop (nearby gas station). Decided to go through various ads. Friends gave various reasons and suggested the various types (regular radial tyre, radial snow and all weather tire.) and brands of tires. They also, talked about the season’s discount. He was convinced about Uniroyal steeler. However, he thought of postponing the buying decision to avail season’s discount. But when the manager in another reinstated the problem (shocker & tire) and told him that the car is not safe to drive, Spencer decided to act immediately. Compared the price of Uniroyal steeler with sale price of Goodyear and found more or less same. He planned to buy Uniroyal steeler; Clerk with the help of manager showed Spencer the comparison of both brands with the facts & figures and reinforced the benefits. Spencer bought Tiger-Paw Plus keeping in mind the additional benefit. Though the shimming completely gone and the experience was pleasant; however, Spencer noticed that there was some small amount of noise after incorporating this tyre. Spencer’s wife advised him to not to worry about the decision. He got the alignment also done and spent almost $500. Spencer postponed the decision to buy zoom lens for camera CASE ANALYSIS On analyzing the case, we have come up with the following questions. When does need recognition arise in this case? _Why does Spencer not give enough credence to the initial advice that he _receives? _Spencer had decided to go in for Steel Radials, how does he change his decision in favor of Tiger...
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