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Tips to Stay Healthy

By qazplmzaqmlp Sep 09, 2014 2592 Words
Water keeps bodies at the current temperature and also gives freshness to your skin. Time of the eating is another part to make good health. Try to complete your breakfast at 8:00 to 9:00 AM, then you complete your lunch at 1:00 to 2:00 PM and then you complete your dinner at 9:00 to 10:00 PM. Do not eat any reach food on your dinner. Do the exercise regularly. Early of the morning or evening or your any suitable time to fixed on your exercise. You do the some freehand exercise or go to the gym. Hardly maintain the time of exercise. Maintain a healthy weight. Now a day’s weight is the most important of the health. If your weight is standard on your body size so that you are fit. For control the weight you change your food habit, do the exercise, and avoid every type of fast food etc. increase the walking and running. Walking is one of the best exercises. Go to the swimming if you know. Always take care your mental health. Generally we don’t care about our mental health but it is an important issue of good health. Positive thinking is one of the most important parts of our mental health. If you’re think positively so your mind get extra strength to remove negative thinking. Praying... how to stay healthy... by sookie Today the issue is how people nowadays try to keep themselves healthy. This topic is truly important because there are many essential factors besides the improvements of medical skills and equipments that can make our life healthier. In my opinion, regular exercise, balanced diet and enough sleep are to most crucial ones. Read more... ... by ramita

When I came to know about the topic I remembered one adage " health is wealth".If no health no wealth so there is no doubt one should stay healthy to spend a prosperous life.However,here I don't mean to say wealth mean to be rich and earn more money.I mean to say if one people is healthy,he is free from diseases,due to which he can work hard and could earn money for his survival and pass his life happily with his parents.On the other hand if he is unhealthy he may be unable to work and have to be dependent. Eventually,he have to spend all property in medicine and have to pass life terrifically. Thus,to stay far from such situation and be healthy I do exercise,visit physician twice a year and eat healthy food to be healthy and happy life. I will try to interpret in the following paragraph. Read more... Me And Health... by violet rose

People through the time try to keep their health in a good condition. As health is the most important thing in human life, people use different strategies to maintain their health. For me, to stay healthy, I usually eat well, Do some exercises, and avoid any bad and unhealthy habits. Read more... Staying healthy... by Zhantore

Nowadays, a lot of people suffer from obesity. In my opinion, primary reason is due to the abnormal life style. People don't have fixed schedule. Consequently, they don't eat properly, i.e. they eat when they want. Moreover, sport is becoming more and more rare. This is just because of people's laziness. Read more... I do lot of thing for good health... by karikalan

Almost in very modern society, human is affected by many harmful disease such as dengue, malaria and loose motion. Further, that may caused bad healthy behavior; therefore, human need good heath for happy life. However, a case may be made for the opposing view that bad health behavior cause in crease many issues. In addition, contemporary world, human do lot of thing for good health. Read more... Good health... by Adileta

Nowadays people's health is very vulnerable because of ecological problems. Therefore, people have to take care of themselves better to stay healthy. There are a lot of different methodologies of treatment and prophylaxis such as acupuncture, herbal therapy, or taking the vitamins. However, to stay healthy and live for a long time, people should do the simplest physical exercises and eat wholesome food. Personally, I follow the principle of HPVS (Healthy food, Physical culture, Vitamins, Sleep). Read more... Necessary works for staying health... by parisabayat

Truth be told, health is a fundamental factor in everyone's life that without it, usual deeds will be hampered. There are quite a few things that can be done for protecting our health such as having a suitable diet, doing exercise and thinking positively, to name but only a handful. that I will separately elaborate upon them in the next paragraphs. Read more... unkonameru... by unkoname

It is acknowledged that almost all the people want to meet a famous person in the history. Some people may think that they want to see Babe Ruth, who is a legend baseball player. Others may hope to meet Jorge Washington, who is the first president in the United States. However, I want to meet Steve Jobs, the president of Apple company. I will provide the reasons why I would like to meet him as follows. Read more... Three ways to stay healthy.... by siying

In the 21st century health is a topic that people always talk. In my mind health is pretty important for example health like one even though we have million, house, beauty and lover all of them are zero when you do not have health is one. So let me tell you something to keep health the best ways. The first ,We should eat more greens it is include rice, vegetable, and fruit. And the secondly, do more excise even though we do not have time to go to gym. The last one is we should have a good mood every day no more anger and go ahead to see a doctor on time. Read more... ... by eren

There are many different ways to stay healthy and everybody could hold different views about the most beneficial ones. In my point of view, making exercise regularly, having a balanced diet and staying far away from stress are the most useful ones. My arguments for these points are listed as follows. Read more... good health... by Kalalib

Many people are living longer because they realize the importance of health care. On the other hand, some people die because they do not realize the effectiveness of health care. As far as I am concerned, people are living longer because of different reasons. My arguments are listed as follows. Read more... A healthy life... by Hubert

When it comes to a healthy life, different people hold different ideas. However, there is no doubt that health is the primary essence for people to live. Without health, even if people have much money and success, they cannot enjoy them. As for me, to stay healthy, I not only spend at least 30 minutes outdoors but also eat a health-promoting diet. Read more... working for a job... by ddddddd

When it comes to discussing the happiness in our life, one's opinion may differ from others' because of his or her own experience and unique background. While some people may tend to argue that having a expert job will have more effect on your happiness than the social life does, in my opinion, I disagree with the statement. I think that social life plays a important role in happiness in our life. In order to support my idea, I provide the following reasons. Read more... How We Can Live Healthy... by shahab

Be health is very important in life because it can impress quality of your life. People do different things to be healthy and live healthy, but in my opinion there are three major things that we should care about for our health: natural nutrition, do exercise and protect our selves from viruses and bacteria's by live in a clean environment from pollution and every contaminated materials. Read more... Good health... by Demi1226

I believe that there are a lot of measures to keep health. For me, I would like to do exercise everyday and have a good diet in order to have a good health. There are several reasons that can support my statement as the following. Read more... Healthy food... by Andymina

Some argue that people today eat healthier food than people in the past, because the average life expectancy is much longer today. However, I am strongly convinced that people in the past ate healthier food than people today, because our ancestors (1) ate natural food without chemicals, (2) ate less fat , and (3) consumed less sugar. Read more... keep healthy... by crystal

Keep in good shape make our everyday life more colorful. Someone once describe health as follows: whether a man is success or not can be judge from several criteria, might be the amount of his money, his career, or his intelligence etc., but before you give any grade on this person , you have to multiply with the man's health first. That is, without health, the man is nothing, since everything goes to zero after you multiply a zero on it. This analog reinforce the importance of staying health. Ever since I heard this words, I consider health as the most serious topic we should face in life. Read more... first try from kissglay... by kissglay

Health is the most important thing for human beings to live. There are many ways for people to maintain their health efficiently. Some of people like to eat some healthy food to keep their body operating well because it is a convenient method. However, I prefer to exercise to enhance my fitness. The reasons to support my stance are the lower expenditures, the better emotion, and the more social interaction. Read more... ... by Niyathi

"Eat good and feel good" is a famous quote we all know. Every person in this world deserves to have a long life. God has given this beautiful life to live and enjoy and inreturn man just to make sure that he is happy and healthy. Fewer things like being in a stress-free, pollution-free environment and eating organic foods which is quite expensive these days may create healthy atmosphere. Many young people are easily getting attracted or let's say addicted to have outside street food, which acts as a slowpoison leading to so many mal-nutrition problems. Making green-leaf vegetables, eggs, Milk as a part of one's meal is a must thing. I too agree that children won't be interested to have such kind of food every day. Well, mothers surely have the tricks in their finger tips. We should not forget about sea food here, which is abundant of Vitamin A. At least 4-5 lts of water intake is a must and should in every day life. Physical exercise can help your body fit and fine. Apart from diet one should be sure of doing exercise at least half an hour per day. Read more... For our health... by Masato

If I am asked what I should do for your hearth, I'll answer it is playing sports. For our health, we can do many thing. For example, healthy meals, good sleeping, are the elements of our health. However, playing sports has two good aspects of health; that is, the aspect of body's functions and that of feelings. Read more... What do you do for good health... by simiha

People do many different things to stay healthy. In this heavy-tech modern world, people are going fast without paying attention to their health. Someone who is able to stay in long life. But, Others do not. This is happening in everywhere in our world. That is because of our do not take care of our health as well as do not have awarness. Here, I am going to give two examples which lessoned in my life. Read more... healthy life... by FAWZYb77

There is much controversy about healthy life. Some people believe that healthy life is just exercise regularly,whereas other people believe that healthy life is diet control. I'm an avid believer that healthy life is combination of some factors . In the next few paragraphs i will demonstrate these factors . Read more... stay healthy... by lunasea

Healthy is priceless. Everyone in our society desires a healthy body, for it is the foundation of anything else in one��s life. Some people try to eat lots of hygiene medicines to stay healthy while others think that exercise is the best way to keep fit. As far as I am concerned, I like to exercise regularly for my body, and playing basketball is always my favorite choice, because it has lots of merits. Read more... health... by Anonymos

There is no doubt that good health plays a significant role in one��s life. Nothing is more important than to staying healthy. As the saying goes, being healthy is more than just not being ill. Thus, mental health is just as important as physical health. For me, the best ways to being healthy are having a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly. Read more... Not everything that is learned is contain in books.... by mahsaaa There was a time when human live in ignorace because knowlage and technology did not progressed and peaple only get some datas by expriences, but now human lives in enlightend period so he needs more information and gets from internet, books also experiences. in my opinion most of books was written from experiences that man gains , so experience is most important source of information. experience gives us deep information and far-sighted view ,also we can use right policy and manner by using experiences ,so everything done in its proper way. Read more... MY WAY to STAY HEALTHY... by aluara

There are many ways to stay healthy. In my opinion to stay healthy people should do exercises, have enough sleep. Also people should reduce smoking and purchasing alcohol drinks First to be healthy I do physic exercises. The physic exercises produce hormones of happiness and make my body more strongerThe physic exercises produce hormones of happiness endorphins which help to me be more stressful. For example after doing some exersises from yoga I am often in a good mood and full of energy. The yoga is the type of group of exercises which was born in India and Tibet. In the same time, exercises make my muscles stronger. In short,physic exercises produce endorphins and make our body stronger. Read more... ways of good health... by nwabueze

people do many different things to stay healthy such as Eating healthy foods, Avoiding alcohol, Smoking e.t.c. for me what i do for good health is Eating healthy food,Exercises and safe sex. Read more... ... by tim791113a

Healthy is an important issue to human, we need take care of our body, then we have the ability to finish jobs and dreams. Without a good body condtion, not only everything starts to go tough, but also your bad body affect your family and friends badly, who care about you much. To stay healthy, I think sleeping early and having a good diet habbit are important. Read more... ways to stay healthy... by tintin

In this society, everyone wants to stay healthy and trying to improve their life span. Indeed people have different ways to stay healthy like doing exercise and taking diet in food. To utilize these resources, I would like to do exercise everyday to stay healthy. The following are my concerns to strengthen my statement. Read more...

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