Tips to Prevent Yourself from Being Hacked

Topics: Password, User, Computer virus Pages: 4 (900 words) Published: April 26, 2012
Name : Aditya Dubey

10 tips to prevent yourself from being hacked

hello every 1 i m back with my new post :-
in this i will tell u 10 tips to prevent urself from being hacked .... 10 tips to prevent urself from being hacked

Tip 1 :-   Always use the strong password combination :
 Always use passwords that hard to guess (Mix of digits + letters in Upper case and lower case both) for your all accounts. the longer your password, the better.  Never use any common word, your name, spouse, parents, birthdate etc.Explanation 1: * Week Passwords and be easily hacked using a Brute Force method which do combination of numbers and letters until the real password comes. * Common passwords containing name, birthdate, mobile number etc, that  can be easily guessed by your friends, any known to you. note : do not choose too strong psswd that even u cannot remember :P

Tip 2:- Carefully Click on Links: 

Always Check the links carefully before clicking on that because it may be a phishing page . A phishing page is a fake login page that hacker create to steal the victim psswd even of facebook , gmail,yahoo.. that looks exactly same as reall page 

 example :- if u see a link send by a unknown person ( usually ur close frnd :P )  
  ( that page was created by mine and seriosly i hacked my many frnds account with that , with there permision.. :P )

Note :- i too got traped by a phish page from 1 of my cyber frnd called cyberboy..... :P

Tip 3:- Never Open Email Attachments without scanning:
* Don’t open any email attachment from any unknown person. And if the person is known then also first scan the email attachment before open or download it. Explanation 3:
* Email Attachments can contain Executable Virus files, that can harm your system. These files usually comes with extension .vbs, .bat,...
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