Tips on Writing and Structuring a Practical Science Investigation Report

Topics: Scientific method, The Conclusion, 2010 Pages: 5 (921 words) Published: August 25, 2013

|Title page: | | |title |Clearly identify the main purpose of the study in as few words as possible. | |author/s | | | | |Abstract: |Briefly summarise the hypothesis, method, results, and findings – after you have completed | | |the research. | | | |Introduction: | |background to the problem |Explain what the problem is and why it is important. | |literature review |Discuss the research that other people have done and what has been written on the subject. | | |Refer to the SACE Board of SA Guidelines for Referencing. | |research question |State your research question, the area that you believe requires further study, and what | |and/or |you believe could be done to shed more light on the question. | |hypothesis |Formulate your hypothesis, your carefully worded statement of the prediction that you | | |intend to test. | | | | |Method: Describe how you conducted your research. | |subjects (if any) |How they were selected, how many. | |ethical considerations |E.g. informed consent, respect for individuals, acknowledgment of sources. | | |Refer to SACE Board of SA Guidelines on Conducting Ethical Research. | |materials used to gather data |E.g. chemicals; equipment; survey forms (how developed, tested). | |procedure used to gather data |E.g. survey (how did you proceed — phone, questionnaire?), temperature, incubation period. | |analysis |How did you analyse the data/results? What statistics did you use? | | | | |Results: |Report the results of the collected data and their analysis. Do not discuss what they mean | | |here. | |tables, graphs, and diagrams |Present them so that they show the answer to the research question and hypothesis. | | |Tables, graphs, and diagrams should complement or add to what you are saying. | | |Give titles that describe them fully. Number them Table 1, 2, … ; Figure 1, 2, … (Figures | | |are graphs and...

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