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In the syllabus, I included a pat course description and some commentary on the “Course Description”. They are here for you to review: Course Description In English 1301, we seek to provide writing instruction and practice that will help students master writing the short essay while developing critical reading skills. We believe that in mastering this particular kind of writing students will also gain skills that will permit them to be successful in writing tasks in other college courses, their careers, and their personal lives. This course is designed to improve the student’s writing and critical reading. Students will write essays for a variety of purposes from personal to academic, including an introduction to argumentation, critical analysis, and the use of sources.

Some Commentary on this “Course Description” (You must realize that this is a basic course description. On a more realistic scale, students typically don’t “master writing” in this class. They improve their writing, but they certainly don’t master the art of writing essays in one semester or one year. Writing takes years of practice, diligence, patience, development, devotion, and it requires students to engage in a process of assiduous revision. It can sometimes result from divine inspiration—some miraculous insight, but often the words come together as a series of cohesive paragraphs through the act of writing consecutive drafts, incorporating feedback, crossing out words and sentences in exchange for more descriptive and effective ones. There will be times when you may struggle to write well and instances when you articulate what you wish to convey with little effort. Writing may take effort and then some. . .) Do your best. Do your own writing. In instances when you work with a tutor or use sources, acknowledge that you’ve done so by including rough drafts with comments and proper MLA citations. I want to see your process and areas where your tutor offered you feedback and you incorporated...
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