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Internship at Sherwin-Williams

Interviewed May 2007 (took 4+ weeks)
Invited to a 1:1 through a college recruiting event. First, they show you a video about the company and then try to clear up any questions you have about the paint industry. Basic interview questions, tell me about yourself, what are your goals in life, where do you see yourself in 5 years etc. They did ask what skills I have that would put me above the competition, being able to speak spanish is a huge advantage. After the basic 1:1 you must complete store visits and interview the store managers, they provide all the questions to ask the managers but it doesn't hurt to come up with some of your own. I had to complete three store visits before the final interview with the district manager. All interview question were the same and very basic, pretty much scripted right from their question database.

Interview Questions
Why should I hire you over other competition?
Answer Question
Can you speak spanish?
Answer Question

Other Details
The interview consisted of a 1:1 Interview and a Background Check

Assistant Manager at Sherwin-Williams

Interviewed Mar 2009 in Lafayette, LA (took 4 weeks)
After I visited them at a job fair, I received an e-mail saying they would like to interview me. The interview was set up about a month in advance. At the interview, the interviewer seemed very impressed with my resume and my qualifications. He asked some behavioral questions (what have you done in this situation). About a week later, I received an e-mail saying that I wasn't offered a position, which was a shock to me, as the interview seemed to go very well (I guess they seem that way most of the time). My only thought is that maybe they were looking for someone less qualified to justify paying them less.

Interview Questions
Tell me about a time you handled a situation with an angry customer. Answer Question

Other Details
I got the interview through a College or University and the...
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