Tiny Pomeranian Dog

Topics: Dog, Dog breed, Pomeranian Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: March 11, 2009
The Wonderful History of Pomeranians
Shaulia K. Todman

Pomeranians are to me one of the cutest kinds of dogs you can get in the entire world. The Pomeranian though was not always the small size we see them as today. Many authors have tried to link this small magnificent dog with the ancient gods in Egypt, Greece and China. They have found evidence in many of the cave paintings that these civilizations had produced. In this research paper I will tell the history of the Pomeranian, the characteristics of how it looks today, and the different countries they were found in. Most historians opinion is that the Pomeranian or the pom as it is called for short was developed from a northern type of dog, such dogs can still be seen in Iceland and Lapland. These dogs were used for hauling sleds over the snowy wastelands. Even though the pom is very small it still retains the hardy disposition and coat so typical of dogs in cold climates. There are a number of dogs developed in Central Europe during the middle of the 19th century that are similar in markings and physical appearance to the Pom. The Pomeranian is a close relative to the Spitz which is a dog that looks just like Poms just a larger size. Wurttemberg, the heartland of German dog development, is considered by some as the place where the Spitz was transformed into the Pomeranian. Others believe that the Pomeranian was first developed in the district of Pomerania, where a group of Finns settled in Samogitia. The first Poms weighed over or just about 30 pounds. They were not nearly as small as today’s Pom, but they were defiantly considered small dogs. The colors were mostly white, cream and black. It is thought that German breeders wished to obtain a smaller dog than the prevailing Spitz or Samoyed and bred the dog down in size. While Germans get the credit for their role in producing...
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