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Kinds of feature
1. News Feature. This is some kind of a news event but the story goes deeper than a news item as more background information and related details are presented and expounded on. 2. Character Sketch or Profile. This article features a person, popular or not, rich or poor, but has done something worth publishing or is currently engaged in an interesting or profitable endeavor. 3. Developmental feature. This features some current or newly launched projects or programs of the government that need to be disseminated and that would draw public support. 4. Service feature or “how to.” This deals with instructive articles that help readers cope with everyday living. 5. Informative feature. This is an article that is highly informative but entertaining. Eufemia Estrada’s item on “Flatulence” which educates readers on  the causes of producing such an unwanted air that may come out with a loud sound or which is soundless at times but definitely with a foul odor, is indeed informative but entertaining. 6. Personal experience feature. This emanates not only from earthshaking experiences like riding an airplane that was hijacked; being caught inside a movie house on fire, or being one of the survivors of a volcano eruption or earthquake but also even from ordinary experiences that happen everyday.  Experienced feature writers say even the most common experience can be made into an interesting feature if it is handled well. 7. Featurettes. These are very short features that can be categorized into “string of pearls”, “bright” and oddities. “String of pearls” is a collection of ideas, views and opinions on one common subject written by different persons. You may, for example, ask some few persons to write about their happiest moment, ideal teachers or how they celebrate Christmas. “Brights” are short human interest stories that touch the readers’ hearts or make them grin, smile, or laugh. Oddities or even “incredible” are also short human interest features that...
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