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Daphne R. Ingan BABA1B

The Students University of St. La Salle is very lucky because the Department of Environment and Natural Resources gave us the opportunity to have a seminar, so that we can know more about our environment specifically the Negros Oriental. As young citizen of our Mother Earth we already have the responsibilities-- to take care of it. And that seminar we really learn a lot.
In 1980’s at about 80% of our forest is still in its good condition but today in year 2010’s it falls at 55 only. Imagine the great difference at just about 20 years only. This number is very significant because it covers very big part of our forest, more than half of the total forest land area. We also are experiencing the phenomenon of Global Warming. Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment. Glaciers have shrunk; ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up earlier. It is very harmful to our nature and to us living things. Considering the impacts of global warming stated above, it is a fact that the global warming influences the balance of the nature. Therefore, solving global warming is our responsibility. Now we are experiencing the consequences that we have done to our nature through this phenomenon
So, let us all remember to take care of our environment and to use it for good. God gave us these resources for our lives to become easier. Let us take care of our environment for the future—for the next generation. They must also see how magical our nature is. They must not see and experience the pollutions that the past and created and the present still continue. In every small things that we do; it means a lot to our Mother Earth. We can solve this problem in just a blink of an eye but if we are hand in hand it will take time but surely we can make this nature back to being magical

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