Tims Business Plan

Topics: Credit card, Payment, Employment Pages: 3 (971 words) Published: January 28, 2014
Title: Tim’s Coffee Shoppe Evaluation
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Executive Summary
Tim Coffee Shoppe is a flourishing coffee shop located in Sunnydale, Illinois. Its owner Tim Slick is being replaced by a new owner, Mike. Mike needs to evaluate the coffee shop to see how it can be improved further. The coffee shop is located at an ideal location; with a university and a busy business district nearby. The coffee shop needs to improve in a few areas though; it needs to be more tech savvy; accept credit cards and introduce Wi-Fi. Proper rules should be introduced to ensure that the employees work efficiently. 1. Regulations

Summary: Tim’s Coffee Shoppe does not follow a strict set of codes or regulations. Employees have to follow only a few rules, as observed from the business. Employees are made aware that they have to report the correct time in the time card reporting stating that their shift starts when they actually start working and not when they arrive at the coffee shop. Employees cannot exchange their duties with other employees according to their own will and cannot leave early without informing the supervisor. Employees are encouraged to work hard and are then rewarded by a $100 Employee of the Month award at the end of each month. Employees are reviewed by the owner or by their supervisors, they are given warnings but no proper action is taken against these warnings by Tim. Immigrants are also hired by Tim. Action Items: Tim’s Coffee Shoppe needs a set of proper rules and regulations for the employees. Mike should make sure that the employees are on time and should cut back their pay if they are late. He should introduce an electronic system to record their accurate arrival and departure times. Mike should ensure that proper actions are taken such as cutting pay or firing against the person who is given more than the set number of warnings. Mike should fire Darryl Pettitte (full-time employee) as he has been given 5 warnings. Mike should ensure...
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