Timeline of the Tyco Scandal

Topics: Dennis Kozlowski, Tyco International, Robert M. Morgenthau Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: October 27, 2008
Timeline of the Tyco International scandal
Key dates and events that led to the convictions of former Tyco CEO L. Dennis Kozlowski and CFO Mark Swartz: March 13, 2001: Tyco announces $9.2 billion cash and stock deal to purchase the CIT Group, a commercial finance company. Tyco director Frank Walsh helps arrange the deal. Dec. 5, 2001: Tyco shares close at a high of $59.76 on the New York Stock Exchange. Jan. 14, 2002: Business Week magazine lists Tyco CEO L. Dennis Kozlowski as one of the top 25 corporate managers of 2001. Jan. 22, 2002: Kozlowski announces plans to split Tyco into four independent, publicly traded companies. The announcement starts a slide in the price of Tyco shares. Jan. 29, 2002: Tyco shares drop sharply, one day after the company filed a proxy report with the Securities and Exchange Commission disclosing that Walsh got a $10 million fee on the CIT Group deal, and that another $10 million went to a charity where he was a director. Jan. 30, 2002:The New York Times reports that Kozlowski and Tyco CFO Mark Swartz sold more than $100 million of their Tyco stock the previous fiscal year despite public statements that they rarely sold their stock. Kozlowski and Swartz say they will buy 1 million shares with their own money. June 3, 2002: Kozlowski resigns unexpectedly as The New York Times reports he is the subject of a sales tax evasion investigation by Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau's office. June 4, 2002: Morgenthau announces a criminal indictment accusing Kozlowski of conspiring to evade more than $1 million in state and city sales tax on fine art purchases. Sept. 12, 2002: Morgenthau announces a criminal indictment accusing Kozlowski and Swartz of enterprise corruption for allegedly stealing more than $170 million from Tyco and obtaining $430 million by fraud in the sale of company shares. Former Tyco corporate counsel Mark Belnick is charged separately with falsifying records to conceal more than $14 million in company...
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