Timeline of the Book History

Topics: Printing, Printing press, Paper Pages: 4 (1187 words) Published: June 12, 2013
ENG 5933: History of the Book (Fall 2007)

c. 2400 BC c. 650 c. 400-300 295 c. 100 1st Cent. AD c. 370 610 c. 700 c. 750-800 868 875 896 c. 1041-48 11th Cent. 1255 1276 1337 1373 c. 1400 1403 1418 1430 1454 1456 1457 c. 1460 1465 1466 1467 1470 1472 1476 1477 c. 1485

Earliest surviving papyrus scrolls. Papyrus scroll introduced into Greece from Egypt. Silk writing materials employed in China. Alexandria Library founded. Vegetable-fiber paper developed in China. MS. book format shifts from scroll to codex. Rome estimated to have 28 libraries. Papermaking introduced into Japan from China. Paper sizing developed in Asia. Papermaking reaches Central Asia and Middle East. Diamond Sutra published in China, earliest extant example of woodblock printing. Arab travelers mentioning having seen toilet paper in China. Oldest extant manuscript featuring colophon. Pi Shêng develops movable type in China, amalgam of clay and glue. Papermaking reaches Moorish Spain. Paper mill established in Genoa. Watermarked paper introduced in Tuscany at Fabriano Mills. Earliest known use of paper sizing in Europe. Bibliotheque Nationale founded in Lyons. Printing with movable copper types in Korea. Company of Stationers founded in London. Earliest extant example of woodblock printing in Europe. Earliest extant examples of xylographic of block books. Gutenberg prints indulgences on lead-based movable type with a textura face in Mainz. Gutenberg prints Bible. Psalmorum Codex published by Fust and Schoffer in Mainz; first extant printed book with colophon; also Mainz Psalter, earliest example of color printing. Mentelin established press in Strasbourg. First printed book in Italy. Ulrich Zell establishes press in Cologne. First use of roman type face in printed book. Gering prints first book in Paris. Wendelin de Spira of Venice begins using type with a rotunda face. Caxton establishes press in Westminster. Monte sancto di Dio published in Florence, the first printed book to include...
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