Time: Valued Treasure

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Time: The Valued Treasure *Essay words || Mr. Promising

The vast world of time is too huge to comprehend, too short to miss, and too precious to waste. When no one else cares and when our world’s too delicate to revive, this is the thing that heals us the most.

Time is a natural healer. It’s a human nature of a person to get infatuated; emotions are likely exchanged without expectations of any return. But, love is sometimes deceiving for it sometime ends in indignation. Temptations are dominant; and seduction, most of the time, is persevering. Love is filled with too many things, often associated with hatred, jealousy and malevolence, but when anyone leaves his/her dilemma to the fragile existence of time, incitement will fade, agony and pain will heal, and words of apology will evolve from the bagatelles repeating in the minds of mankind.

This is a treasure which I value. I’ve been into the world of time since I’ve discovered a sublime passion of giving life to what I’m writing, and transforming them to things which I’m vague of. This is a land where I was known as someone who is tough enough to travel its abstract temporal walls and return to the reality with wondrous things which I only discover once I had taken my time to focus. This is the place where love flourishes from unreal things and imagined fantasies; place where nightmares are stopped, and where freedom is fairly exercised.

Time is always been a friend. When nobody listens to the unspoken grief of your mind and heart, which you are afraid to show to others because of the negativities that you might receive from their judging mouths, let your time pass or take your time on something and it will make you feel better and also make you realize that you are not alone. We also take our time confiding to our supreme God, we take opportunity to voice out our prayers and He listens to the desire of our hearts and understands us in a way that...
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