Time to Think About Torture

Topics: Harvard Law School, Alan Dershowitz, Human rights Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: March 30, 2011
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Time to think about torture

The author Jonathan Alter has written essay titled:”time to think about torture.” Mr. alter refers to the time. It in the United States history as the: “autumn to of anger.” He describes multiple torture methods and gives examples in detail their uses. He refers to the time: Prior to September 11th, “hopelessly September 10th.” Mr. Altar explains that that era of time had many wrong assumptions about law and its enforcement in reference to terrorism. By a vote of 98 to 1 PM The Anti- terrorism bill was passed and history was made. Chief Justice Robert Jackson stated:”the Constitution is not a suicide pact. “This comment by the Chief Justice further substantiates the mindset of the American public. This new law stops short of threatening basic rights like freedom of speech. The bill makes it easier to wire tap and detain immigrants. it is stated by the author, “actually, the world hasn’t changed as much as we have. The Israelis have been wrestling for years with the morality of torture.” For more than 20 years Harvard law school professor Alan Dershowitz has argued to Israelis that this is terribly unfair to the members of the security services. In his book,” shouting fire “he makes the case for what he calls a “torture warrant” or judges would balance competing claims and make the call. Not surprisingly, judges and lawyers in both Israel and the United States do not agree on this issue. Mr. altar summarizes his essay by concluding we can legalize physical torture, is contrary to American values. But we must keep an open mind, about certain measures to fight terrorism.
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