Time Spent with a Famous Person

Topics: Martial arts, Bruce Lee, Chinese martial arts Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: March 15, 2012
If I had to choose a famous person to spend a day with it would have to be with, Bruce Lee. He has always been an inspiration to me because he followed his dreams. As a child he played in movies with his father, and was well-known throughout China. While growing up he was being picked on by other kids, he told his mother that he wanted to learn Martial arts to defend himself from kids that would pick on him because he didn't know how to defend himself. At the age of fourteen he finally started Martial arts, and began to use his Marital arts skills in movies with his father.

His life reminds me so much of mine, I was also picked on when I was a kid, and I began to use my Martial art skills to defend myself as well. So when I first met Bruce Lee I was blown away with how we had so much in common, we went to a famous restaurant, and ate dinner, it was on a Saturday night. We talked about how he started his Martial arts, and the reason, and I let him know my reason for joining it. We laughed so much because he told me about how the funny embarrasing moments he had while growing up, and I did as well.

I'm real grateful and thankful that, Bruce Lee let me have this opportunity to meet him, and I will always remember the great time I spent with him in that famous restaurant. The pictures I have of him will always be on my walls, and I will tell my children about him, and how he inspired my life even more after getting to know him a bit more. I hope I get the opportunity to meet him once again.
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