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The research methodology used by the researchers will be presented in this section. The discussion will include the research design, population and sample,locale of the study, instrument used to collect the data, procedures for conducting there search and analysis of data.


This study is a non-experimental, descriptive study. Such a design provided anaccurate portrayal of characteristics of a group by discovering a description of what characteristics exist and determining the frequency with which they exist. The goal is to examine relationships between variables. Descriptive research involves collecting numerical data to test hypotheses or answer questions concerning current status. The use of descriptive research was felt appropriate for this study because of the nature of the research instrument,  aquestionnaire.

This descriptive study was designed to assess the effect of single parenthood on the academic performance of single-parent nursing students.


This study was undertaken in the Lucena City campuses of the Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc. (CEFI) and the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation (MSEUF). The choice of this particular research locales was due to the fact that the researchers are student nurses in Lucena City, thus the proximity and accessibility of the respondents. Further, this study will primarily benefit CEFI and nursing schools in the city by contributing to the development of strategies that will address the unique needs of the emergent population on non-traditional students oncampus.


The 56 respondents of this study was selected and qualified from the total population of student nurses of Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc. (CEFI) and Manuel S. enverga University Foundation (MSEUF). Purposive sampling was used,as it is a method often employed when a researcher has knowledge of the universe and the sample. To the extent possible, an equivalent ratio of single-parent studentsand  married students or students with live-in arrangements were asked to participate in this study so that comparisons can be made and conclusions drawn.


A selfdevised questionnaire was the main tool of the study. Thequestionnaire had three parts. Part I collected demographic information of the nurse such as age, gender, civil status, number of children, living arrangements, educational level and grade point average. It was felt necessary to address these issues to establish whether any of these demographic variables had any association with  the  academic performance of the respondents. Part II investigated the self-rated perceptions of adequacy of respondents for the academic experience. Where appropriate, questions scored on a four-point Likert-type scale were presented to respondents, with the following values:

3.26-4.00=Very Prepared (VP)

2.51 – 3.25=Prepared (P)

1.76 – 2.50=Not Very Prepared (NVP)

1.00 – 1.75=Not Prepared (NP)

Part III shall examine the perceptions of patients about their own academic performance. Where appropriate, questions scored on a four-point Likert-type scale shall be presented to respondents, with the following values:

3.26 – 4.00=Strongly Agree

2.51 – 3.25=Agree

1.76 – 2.50=Disagree

1.00 – 1.75=Strongly Disagree


The researcher first pilot-tested the instrument on five (5) student nurses whowill not participate in this study. Pilot-testing is sought to assure readability andcomprehension of the research instrument. After at least 56 potential respondents were selected and located,questionnaires were delivered to them personally, along with a verbal request for their participation in the study while assuring that their responses would be treated instrict...
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