Time Management Between College and Busy Life

Topics: Procrastination, Time management, Yin and yang Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: January 4, 2010
Finding time for yourself while having a busy college schedule, may mean different things to different students, in the way that they use their time, but the end-result is the same: time without schoolwork! While some feel that using the gym is entertainment, others think that it is a dreaded necessity, the point is well taken; it is time to think, decompress, eliminate stress, alone or with a friend, as they are exercising together. The problem is that most college kids save their homework for Sunday night. Instead of planning properly and getting most of it done before a Saturday night party, they procrastinate. Many kids drink in college, so they already should know that the pleasure of this procrastination is not worth the pain, along with the remorse of some actions caused by drinking, of putting things off until Sunday night. Some students are more well-balanced than others. They will make a choice and perhaps wind down on Friday night, without going on, relaxing alone, listening to music, catching up on laundry, or even calling home. Some get a jump on Saturday's homework; it is those students that do not wait until Sunday night. It is also those students that are able to wake up early enough on Saturday to do their homework, in the first place! As young adults, they have to learn how to find harmony in their lives and to not feel out of kilter, too often. They need to learn about the Ying and Yang, the balance of nature and your total being, and take a Life Skills course. Too many times, and it is unfortunate, that students do not know how to make use of their time properly. Girls need time alone, and time for their girlfriends, even if they are going out with someone. An important rule, however, is to not allow a guy to interfere with much needed time alone, so that they can recharge and mentally cope (because many do get depressed), and guys must not interfere in anyone's studies. Springing into adulthood is a challenge in itself; often the first...
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