Time Management

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Time management
Time management is known as a person self-management, focus and control to improve efficiency. Time management includes techniques of setting goals, decision making, establish priority, and maintain daily plan and scheduling. These are the steps to achieve success. For making effective time management first we have to analyze how we are spending our time presently and what changes we required to make it better. If we do not use our time properly it will then go waste and we do not gain anything worthwhile. We can divide time for three aspects for applying techniques of managing it (Nate Kreuter, 2012). (a) Biological: it basically responds to bodily function. Make a time for each thing like sleep, eating, exercising, and work. The regularity in daily life gives a perfect and balanced life throughout. (b) Social: it is important to live a social life and for this spend time with our family, our friends and society. Also give at least one hour to our hobbies or interest. This gives harmony in life. Happy and strong family life is the basis of success in both personal and professional life. To live good social life we have to attend social events such as functions, weddings and parties. (c) Professional: professional activities/time spent at work give good professional life. To give our maximum output and for self-satisfaction everyone utilize their time in optimal way. To avoid behaves like a time waster one should be organizing their time for effective manner. Conclusion: Time management is known as the development of the process and tools which increases productivity and efficiency. Time management shows the set of time management skills. We generally manage our personal time but fail to manage our social and professional life. So for making our life perfect for time management we equally distribute our time for the family, friends, relatives, colleagues and most importantly for our self. Reference:

Nate Kreuter, 2012. ‘Learning Time...
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