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What’s working to drive forward socially
inclusive initiatives in a large mental
health Trust? by Gabrielle Richards

opportunities for service users as well as working with the
Human Resources department to introduce mindful
employer initiatives.
Other initiatives were described that included
developing bids to secure money for new projects, working
with the members council (Board of Governors) and
working with national initiatives such as the Communities
of Influence programme and the recovery work supported
by the Sainsbury Centre.
All in all it was a very full session, not only with the room bulging with interested participants but with the amount of
information shared and discussed. The workshop certainly
showed there were an enormous number of initiatives that
were working and it encouraged people to get involved
where they worked be it on a small local scale or the big
picture engagement.
Gabrielle can be contacted at gabrielle.richards@slam.nhs.uk

Workshop run by Gabrielle Richards, Professional Head
of Occupational Therapy and Lead for Social Inclusion
(South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust).

Who moved My Cheese? How individuals
deal with change. by Genevieve Smyth

This interactive workshop aimed to
provide delegates with the
opportunity to hear about initiatives
that are working at the South
London and Maudsley NHS
Foundation Trust and discuss ideas
that might work in their own
organisations regarding the use of
socially inclusive initiatives.
The South London and Maudsley
is a large inner city mental health Trust serving a local
population of 1.1 million as well as national and
international specialist services.
Using the College of Occupational Therapists’ Mental
Health Strategy Recovering Ordinary Lives the occupational
therapy service designed their own strategy to set the
direction of travel for the service. Alongside this initiative was the integral involvement the occupational therapy
service and its head of profession in the development of the Trust’s Social Inclusion, Rehabilitation and Recovery
Strategy. In fact the Head Occupational Therapist chairs the board charged with implementing the strategy so
occupational therapists are key to driving the initiative
agreed by the Trust. This has been reflected in the fact that the new Trust strategy directly includes a section titled
‘promoting recovery, social inclusion and mental well being’. The workshop asked individuals to reflect in small
groups where their organisations were in relation to a series of questions such as ‘has Recovering Ordinary Lives helped in local engagement and implementation? How much of the
day to day culture of your organisation is about social
inclusion/ recovery?’ The discussions were lively and quite heartening to hear the extent to which people were involved
in their own organisations.
The workshop then went on to describe the details of the
Trust’s Social Inclusion Strategy, what its focus was, where the developments were happening, what was working etc?
Examples include the proliferation of recovery training across the Trust and the development of a recovery charter that was presented at all Trust corporate induction sessions. Another example is the integral work of the Trust’s employment

working party (Chaired by the Head Occupational Therapist)
which was supporting the development of employment

Many models exist about how
systems and organisations instigate
effective change. However, this
workshop based on the book Who
moved my cheese? An amazing way to
deal with change in your work and in
your life by Spencer Johnson,
encouraged delegates to reflect on
how we as individuals cope with
The book tells the story of two mice, Sniff and Scurry,
and two humans, Hem and Haw, who are in a maze looking
for cheese. Cheese represents something that is important
to us that motivates us and that we get attached to like our...
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