Time Management

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Time Management
University of Phoenix
Kam Zinsser

Part 1: Self-Evaluation
How do you establish priorities?

Priorities to me are things that have to get done by a certain time or with certain urgency. Establishing priorities is one of those things that are going to change from person to person or from day to day. For me as far as my schooling goes I have set a priority to not start on any assignments Tuesday-Friday until all of my responses are done for the day. Then I can start on one assignment in one class, if a class has more than one assignment I will complete on assignment in one class then start an assignment in the other class. When it is done then, back to the first class and finish the last assignment. I feel this gives every class proper attention.

Who makes up your support group?

My support group is made up of my family and friends. My husband Steve of 22 years is a huge support, not only does he let me read assignments to him before I turn them in, he also helps with the kids and their chores and bed time. My kids also help in my support, they try and group their questions together that way they are not interrupting me every couple of seconds, they are getting better about leaving me alone when I am at the computer and they are just bored. My friends are very supportive and are offering to help with the kids if I need a break or am working on a hard assignment, they have offered to pick up my daughter from gymnastics and just them asking me how it is going it helpful because as they find out I am in school they will help keep me accountable to see this through to completion.

What is your backup plan in case your computer goes down?

I have a Lap top and a Desk top computer. My husband is a computer technician and knows how to retrieve files from databases and can fix anything out there. A couple of time during an assignment I hit the save button that way no matter where I am in an assignment some of it will be saved. If...
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