Time Management

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Programme your Sub Conscious Mind for Time management success: 4 Mental Techniques used by Highly Effective People : Brian Tracy

Time management behaviors are very much a matter of choice and what lies within your subconscious mind. You choose to be efficient or you choose to be disorganized. Effective people choose to focus and concentrate on their highest-value tasks that contribute the most value to their life. The starting point of overcoming your previous programming and eliminating the mental blocks to time management is for you to make a clear, unequivocal decision to become one of the most effective people you know. You must decide, right here and now, that you are going to become an expert in time management. Your aim should be to manage your time so well that people look up to you and use you as a role model for their own work habits. Program Your Subconscious Mind

There are several mental techniques that effective people use to program their subconscious mind for peak performance. 1. Use Positive Self-Talk
The first method that effective people use for programming their subconscious mind is positive self-talk, or the use of positive affirmations. Highly effective people use these commands that pass from their conscious mind to their subconscious mind. Affirmations are statements that you either say out loud or say to yourself with the emotion and enthusiasm that drives the words into your subconscious mind as new operating instructions. Here are some examples of affirmative commands that you can use to improve your time management skills. Begin by repeating over and over to yourself, ‘‘I am excellent at time management! I am excellent at time management!’’ Any command repeated again and again in a spirit of faith, acceptance, and belief will eventually be accepted by your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind will then organize your words, actions, and feelings to be consistent with these new commands. You can continually repeat, ‘‘I am always...
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