Time Is Rewarding

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Gain Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: July 22, 2013
“Time Is Rewarding”
            Understanding why we do things sometimes can be misconstrued. Not only through the perception of others but also in our own minds. The reasons we think we may take involvement in something when further inspected, can show us what our real motives are. Allot of times volunteering typically translates into doing something someone cannot typically do for themselves. This being said, altruism is something we tend to refer to as a motivation in being an active volunteer in the community.   Volunteer work, although lacking in financial treasure, offers benefits that are much more than a dollar amount. The mental and emotional health, as well as the career and social aspects that a volunteer can gain are measured to be priceless. Volunteering holds enormous benefits for all of us, our families and communities. Sometimes it may be confusing for some to understand the ultimate reward a person may gain in volunteering their free time. Influencing other’s lives in big and/or little ways can be gratifying. With that, a volunteer gains an incredible sense of purpose and meaning. Volunteering provides a chance to be a mentor or leader; a figure for others to look up to.  Demonstrating their commitments reinforce self-confidence, mental health, and self-worth. Staying actively involved, helps volunteers with stresses and depression. Having a focus can really keep a mind active and clear. Therefore the mind lacks the time or energy in developing depression. Volunteering can also be motivation to stay active, promoting good health fitness.  Volunteering offers the opportunity of work experiences for graduate students, to those looking simply to embrace something new. It offers a setting in which one can develop skills they may not possess or may already have, but still need time in developing fully. Volunteering and interacting with people and industries tend to provide valuable networking contacts. Donating our time can help in developing...
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