Time in a Bottle

Topics: Mickey Mantle, Center fielder, English-language films Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: November 24, 2008
From the article “Time in a Bottle” by Mickey Mantle, readers can learn a lot of information about Mickey Mantle’s life, and how he overcame his difficulties. In this article, the author describes his success in sports, his difficult period of life, his addiction which caused him lot of problems, and how he recovered.

From the time Mickey Mantle was a little boy, his dad had had a very big influence on him. Because of his dad, Mickey Mantle became a good baseball player. His dad had high hopes for him; he wanted Mickey to become the supreme baseball player. He did everything what he could to realize his dream. In addition, if Mickey did something wrong there was enough of just his dad’s look, to make Mickey feel guilty, and modify his mistakes.

Later his father died of Hodgkin’s disease, and because of this event, Mickey started to drink. He was devastated and tried to escape the pain of losing his dad. Later, he had a knee operation, after which doctors suggested him a rehab. However, he didn’t listen to them, he continued to drink. Because of his addiction he got a bad liver.

While Mickey was at the Betty Ford Center, he wrote a letter to his father. In this letter he wrote how he felt about him, and about his life without him. This Center helped him in many ways. Nevertheless, there was one thing for which he blamed himself a lot. He blamed him for being a bad father and family man. Mickey went over his tragedy, he completed treatment and he decided to be a real person. He started a new, better life.

In Mickey’s new life he wanted to create donor awareness program at Baylor Hospital because exactly at this hospital he received a liver transplant. Mickey’s problems inspired a double increase in the number of people appealing donor cards. In addition, it probably was the greatest thing he is known for.
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