Time and Tide Wait for None

Topics: Suicide, Prince, Time Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Time is the most precious thing for a man as it comes only once in life .No one is so powerful that he can stop the time. Time is important as life. Time is here and only now. Time should never be wasted. If you waste the time, time will definitely waste you. We should know the value of time in our life. We need to do every work at an appropriate time. We should wait patiently for the proper time so that time will be used best. Time didn’t wait for anybody. ALFRED TENNY JOHNSON writes in his poem “The Brook”: Time goes, you say? Ah no!

Alas, Time stays, we go.
This means, ‘men may come and men may go’ but time stays on just like “The Brook” (A river). We have examples of famous personalities who dreamt big but had to accept defeat in front of time. Hitler had dreamed of ruling over the whole world, but his progress fell slow very soon in front of time and had to commit suicide in the end. Ben Hecht said, “Time is a circus always packing up and moving away.” Time once past cannot come again. We have to move ahead with the time to achieve something in life. If you don`t follow the time, you will unquestionably have to pay a high cost for this. You cannot use the ‘undo’ command in life and edit again. Another quality of time is its equality. It works at the same speed/pace for both the wealthiest and the poorest. We can`t imagine how fast the time is. You wink your eye and the moment is past. You will never find back the time wasted by you. Time doesn’t give you chances. So when opportunity knocks at your door don’t turn around. Grab the opportunity with both hands.
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