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Discussion 1.
NLRB has made an investigative research about employees and their posts in Social Media sites which are connected with their termination prospects. Generally employees post negative information about their company, seniors or boss which impact wrongful information about the company and leads to termination of such employees. For example there are several cases outlined initial case was of Rain City Contractors, Inc in Lakewood, Washington where 5 employees were fired and the reason they were fired was of as they posted a video in youtube.com related with their hazardous working conditions (Boudreaux, 2012).

Discussion 2.
Yes, I agree with the NLRB decision as in this video NLRB took their side and concern because this video portrayed and employees voice their concerns so it was a win position for employees as NLRB settled the case with the company by offering all the employees a full payback. But If NLRB hasn’t been convinced by the post of employees then this situation and support of NLRB employees would not be able to gain. NLRB also agreed that it was the mistake of company that the employees were wrongfully terminated. As these employees showed the evidence about the company, henceforth company was charged fine for some concerns, which were shown by the employees in video (Boudreaux, 2012).

Discussion 3.
The work environment where we work is the environment which can be quoted as the environment of surveillance or stalking we are being tapped by our employees. Employee has to work upon certain code of conduct exemplified by their employees and these policies help employees to get better relation with its employer. In these policies company need to be make employees aware of all the conditions, do’s and don’ts with the appropriate conditions and examples so that it will be act as prima facie for employees. It is said “companies need to make clear what is acceptable and what is not acceptable, with examples if necessary” (DeCenzo,

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