Timber Introduction

Topics: Environment, Want, Natural environment Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: May 20, 2014
Personnel issues that related to the timber industry could include the hiring and training of new staff. In present days, most workplaces are automated, therefore many of the workers need to be multi skilled so that they are able to not only build things with their hands, but also control the machines as well. This has created a large overlap in the workforce as companies do not need many workers to be on the assembly line, but still need them to supervise and maintain the machinery. This has produced major cutbacks in the amounts of workers within the workforce. As well as a staff team that is able to multi task. An experienced team is needed, more specifically a HR manager, who is experienced/fully understanding of the industries complexity and procedures.

Some environmental considerations that may affect the companies expansion include government laws and regulations. Companies that impact surrounding environment are expected to file for operating permits through either local, state or federal government. Not doing so can include fines and possbile termination. The business might want to consider oppurtunities to save and/or recycle waste. Having an environmentally friendly business is not only good for the environment it self, but also builds up a good reputation for the business. Good practices is an effective way of attracting customers, it is able to set your company apart from competitors, giving the company an advantage. The demand for company essentials such as electricity, gas, water and so forth, will be at risk. Being aware of how much of these essentials the company will have access to is crucial.
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