Tim O'Brien on Injustice

Topics: Vietnam War, Vietnam, Protest song Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: September 18, 2008
Injustice is? When one finds the notion to expound upon the injustices of this world, what most readily comes to the mind? The noun, injustice, denotes acts or conditions that cause people to suffer or hurt undeservedly. (Dictionary.com) Injustice is the violation of inalienable human rights. However, agreement upon its definition remains ambiguous and vague. The act of war has always brought about injustice to all who were involved. The unclearness and uncertainty of war is something that penetrates deep into life and it is something that affects every facet of every day. Justice is the pursuit of right, the elevation of goodness, and the elimination of evil; however, such lucid definitions often lack substance when stood up to the tests of reality. Injustice is the denial of rights and the lack of morality for the embracement of barbarism. When looking for injustices in the world, what most readily comes to mind are violent crimes? Murder, theft, and rape are domestic injustices commonly recognized, but injustices, like reality, exist in perception. Therefore, to deem someone or something unjust, first agreement upon its definition must be established. When the United States declared her independence, we perceived the unjust indignities to be clear; however, to the militant king, the refusal to pay his taxes was injustice and the nullification of his law was the warrant for war. When such implied meanings come in to play, one has to determine what is just. In order to eliminate war, first all nations must outline the true meaning of “injustice” and find suitable solutions for reparation. The most diligent participant of war is the injustice done upon both sides, the backing of both by god, and the misconception that both will prevail due to their side being right and just. These differing views of injustice and justice are what cause the eventual degradation of war. (JRSOT) Tim O’Brien takes account of the injustices of war when he refers to opposing...
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