Tim Roth

Topics: Tim Roth, Independent Spirit Awards, Paul Ekman Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: April 18, 2011
Amara Alicea
English 12
Mrs. Wimmer
Tim Roth
Tim Roth a great British actor/director. Roth started his career years ago as a young British actor and is now starring in his own show, Lie to me as Dr. Cal Lightman. Roth has starred in several movies throughout his career and enjoys what he does. Roth was born in Dulwich, London May 14, 1961. Roth is the son of Ann and Ernie, Ann his mother was a painter and teacher. He has one sibling a sister named Jill who later on became a journalist too like her parents. His father Ernie was a painter, journalist, and until 1970 a member of British community party. Tim’s father was born under the surname Smith in Sheepshead bay, Brooklyn NY to a British family of Irish descent. Roth’s real name was Timothy Simon Smith when he changed his surname to Roth after World War II to hide his nationality. Timothy does not remember much of his childhood because when going to school as a kid he was bullied and it took a toll of him. He try to joke his way out it to help with the pain, hye took on others accents, he’d hide out in the art room, run the streets, he had learned to disappear. Tim was angry and filled with resentment; he had seen beatings occur and was sexually abused as a younger child. He will not release the name to anyone he wants to keep it confidential. . He demonstrated his talent for picking up accents at an early age when he attended school in Brixton, where he faced persecution from classmates for his comfortable background and quickly perfected a cockney accent to blend in. (IMDb) At first, Roth wanted to be a sculptor, so he studied at London's Camber well School of Art. He then attended the strand school in Tuise for acting, Hill. Tim played in many movies throughout his career. Roth made his first acting debut at age 21 playing white power skinhead, which was made in Britain. In 1986 he played east End in king of the Ghetto B.B.C. 4 part drama. In 1984 he played an apprentice hit man in Stephen...
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