Tim Hortons

Topics: Coming out, Automobile, LGBT Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: December 6, 2012
I would first like to say I am very disappointed and rather pist off at the way I was treated the other night. After going through the drive thru and purchasing a hot chocolate I then went and sat in my car in the parking lot to do some work on the computer using your wifi at your 24hour location. After not even an hour of sitting in my vehicle a female worker from the night shift without ever coming out to my vehicle or saying a word to me decided to call the north tonawanda police to come and check out my vehicle saying i was passed out in it. This is completely untrue and a very large assumption. Before I knew it I had 3 cop cars around my car asking for my licenses because an employee had called them about a vehicle they have seen before and was sitting outside. If you dont want people to stay at your location why offer free wifi and why not come out and directly ask me if im ok. I feel completely harassed and disgusted with the way Tim Hortons decided to handle things and will not be soon to return. I just dont understand why an employee would feel so threatened by someone working in the car with my computer opened and on my lap specially if she had seen me there before using the wifi. I am student and thought Tim Hortons was a nice location were I can get some work done. Also I dont understand why someone wouldnt just come up and talk to me after all she went on numerous cigarette brakes and my vehicle was parked in a well light area with computer clearly visible. I think what upset me even more is when I called the store that night to ask for the corporate number she said she did not have it, could not find it and no one working knew it. I find this unacceptable and not good business at all from a place i thought valued their customers and welcomed all.
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