Tim Duncan

Topics: San Antonio Spurs, Tim Duncan, National Basketball Association Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: October 23, 2014
“The Big Fundamental”
Many teams have that one player who is the big super star and is always gaining media attention. As for the San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan or as some people call him “The Big Fundamental” is not quite this person. Tim Duncan is one of the greatest basketball players in the NBA who also shows a great amount of positive influence on society.

Going into the NBA after college Tim Duncan had his mind set on getting an education first. Not all athletes get a college education because they want to hurry and make money. The reason why Duncan did this was because before his mother (who was dying from breast cancer) told him to finish college before he did anything else. While going to school at Wake Forest Duncan earned a degree in phycology. This shows that no matter how good you are in sports you should always try to get an education before moving onto the next chapter in life.

Tim Duncan has achieved so much in his NBA career. For example winning four NBA championships and still to this day chasing his fifth, is an awesome achievement. These championships are just some of the awards Duncan has gotten. Earning numerous awards one would view him as the arrogant type of person. Instead he is the total opposite. For example, other athletes who are very cocky says a lot about their character. By not being cocky

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Duncan has an extremely positive influence on people in the society. On the other hand, the players who are always in the media and having something to say about themselves are the ones who show negative influence on society. For example, when a super star which every kid looks up to is on TV bragging and being big headed does nothing but influence the kids to do the same. This is why I look up to Duncan, he doesn’t need all the media attention to show his fans what kind of super star he is.

Another way Tim Duncan has a positive influence on society is by giving back to the people. Duncan has a foundation...
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